WHo we are

Bold. Passionate. Dedicated.

We elevate to win.

VITAZA Digital is a boutique marketing firm in Fort Lauderdale developing branding, content creation and high-performance campaigns to dominate the competition for companies in the beauty+wellness, sports+fitness, luxury transportation, leisure+entertainment, and professional service markets. We deliver exceptional branding, memorable content, compelling results and transformative growth. Elevating to win since 2008.

Our Purpose

To help businesses reach their pinnacle of success. This is why we are in business.

Our name, VITAZA, brings together two powerful forces as the foundation of our purpose – helping businesses flourish and bringing people together.

  • “VITA” which represents vitality – energy, health, the ability to survive, adapt and flourish – in other words, to grow.
  • “AZA” taken from “plaza” to capture the essence of a place where people congregate. Plazas play an important role and often serve as a symbol for a community’s identity. They are the center of where people gather for everyday social interaction and special events.

Our Vision

To become a nationally recognized brand and the go-to partner for lifestyle service companies seeking strategic growth, competitive advantage and market share. This is what we aspire to achieve.

Our Mission

  • To differentiate from our competitors through unique offerings, delivery excellence, outstanding communication and proven ROI results for our clients.
  • To be a forward-looking firm that leans into market trends and technologies.
  • To achieve our revenue targets to provide financial resiliency and strength for the benefit of our clients and stakeholders.


This is how we will achieve our vision.

Our Goal

To delight our clients by quickly understanding their business needs, providing strong client management and delivery excellence while exceeding expectations and producing measurable results.


Digital Marketing Consultatnt

Our Team

Christina Ruggiero Founder & CEO

Christina Rosario

Founder & CEO

Daniel Hallila

Senior Marketing Executive

Gina Miyamoto Vice President, Services

Gina Miyamoto

Senior Marketing Executive

Michele Defrance Creative Director

Michele DeFrance

Marketing Executive

Brooke Walker Sr Business Development Executive

brooke walker

Business Development Executive


Program Director


Client Services Manager


Client Services Support & Lead Developer


Digital Ads Expert


Wall of Fame


We inspire team members by creating a diverse culture and gratifying work environment that enables team members to leverage their passions while providing their best in service to our clients.