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Empowering Businesses Through Strategic Digital Marketing

Located in Fort Lauderdale, VITAZA Digital is a boutique marketing firm specializing in lifestyle markets of Beauty+Wellness, Sports+Fitness and Luxury Transportation. Our mission is to provide businesses with unmatched branding, impactful content, and high-performance campaigns that set them apart from the competition. We are committed to delivering not just compelling results but transformative growth.

Previous Incarnation: Bella Vita Associates

Before rebranding in 2022, we operated as Bella Vita Associates, where we focused on supporting high-growth-potential clients in various capacities. Our consulting services included crafting over 150 business, marketing and financial plans, aiding in debt and equity fundraising, company clean ups, participated as an equity partner and board member in startups, and contributed to a company’s public listing. On the sales and operations front, we streamlined processes, deployed CRM systems, and much more. This background set the stage for a significant transition: launching an online platform, VITAZA.COM, aimed at offering comprehensive marketing and business solutions to small businesses.

The New Chapter: VITAZA Digital

With the rebrand to VITAZA Digital in 2022, we’ve honed our focus on driving strategic growth through digital marketing. Leveraging our rich corporate, start-up and small business backgrounds in technology, finance, sales and operations, we now offer a unified approach that amplifies our clients’ market presence and revenue.

Strategic Financial Partnerships

In partnership with esteemed financial entities, we proudly serve as the preferred marketing partner for an investment banking, private equity, lending firm and payment processing. This collaboration enhances our ability further contribute to our clients’ success.

Our Purpose

To help businesses reach their pinnacle of success. This is why we are in business.

Our name, VITAZA, brings together two powerful forces as the foundation of our purpose – helping businesses flourish (vita) and bringing people together (aza).

  • “VITA” represents vitality – energy, health, the ability to survive, adapt and flourish – in other words, to grow.
  • “AZA” taken from “plaza” – where these centers play an important role and often serve as a symbol for a community’s identity; they are the center of where people gather for everyday social interaction and special events.

Our Vision

To become a nationally recognized brand and the go-to partner for lifestyle service companies seeking strategic growth, competitive advantage and market share. This is what we aspire to achieve.

Our Mission

  • To differentiate from our competitors through unique offerings, delivery excellence, outstanding communication and proven ROI results for our clients.
  • To be a forward-looking firm that leans into market trends and technologies.
  • To achieve our revenue targets to provide financial resiliency and strength for the benefit of our clients and stakeholders.
          This is how we will achieve our vision.

Our Goal

To delight our clients by quickly understanding their business needs, providing strong client management and delivery excellence while exceeding expectations and producing measurable results.


Our leadership Team

Christina Rosario

Founder & CEO

Daniel Hallila

President, Sales

daniel gonzalez

Director, Services

kimberly cabugAO

Sales & Operations

gina miyamoto

Sr Marketing Director



Technology Leader


We inspire team members by creating a diverse culture and gratifying work environment that enables team members to leverage their passions while providing their best in service to our clients.