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A Business-Minded Firm + Digital Powerhouse: Empowering Small Businesses & Startups

Located in South Florida and specializing in startups and small business, VITAZA Digital is dedicated to amplifying your brand’s impact, expanding your market share, and significantly boosting your revenue. Distinguishing ourselves from traditional lead generation companies, we excel in picking up where others end, offering a comprehensive strategy that intertwines our expertise with your unique needs for transformative growth.

Previous Incarnation: Bella Vita Consulting

Before rebranding in 2022, we operated as Bella Vita Consulting, where we focused on supporting high-growth-potential clients in various capacities. Our consulting services included crafting over 150 business, marketing and financial plans, aiding in debt and equity fundraising, company clean ups, participated as an equity partner and board member in startups, and contributed to a company’s public listing. On the sales and operations front, we streamlined processes, deployed CRM systems, and much more. This background set the stage for a significant transition: launching an online platform, VITAZA.COM, aimed at offering comprehensive marketing and business solutions to small businesses.

The New Chapter: VITAZA Digital & BOOST by VITAZA Digital

With the rebrand to VITAZA Digital in 2022, we’ve honed our focus on driving strategic growth through digital marketing and technology enablement. Leveraging our rich corporate, startup and small business backgrounds in technology, finance, sales and operations, we now offer a unified approach that amplifies our clients’ market presence and revenue.

BOOST is a turnkey business solution that revolutionizes our approach to digital marketing, focusing on sales enablement and lead conversion. It provides targeted strategies and sophisticated tools, facilitating a seamless and efficient process for enhancing market presence and driving revenue growth.

Strategic Partnerships for Holistic Market Engagement

We have expanded our partnerships to include collaborations with marketing consultants, strategists and lead generation companies. These alliances are not just about expanding our offerings — they’re about creating a seamless, end-to-end journey for our clients as the technology enabling execution. Through our technology, we bring to life the strategies and insights proposed by our partners. This synergy provides our clients with a comprehensive, unified strategy for digital marketing and sales enablement, delivering tangible results at every funnel stage.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is grounded in our passion for empowering startups and small businesses with a robust, yet intuitive technology platform and our deep expertise. This is why we are in business.

The name VITAZA reflects our foundational ethos and ambition:

  • ‘VITA’ stands for vitality, representing life, vitality and vigor.
  • ‘AZA’, inspired by ‘plaza’, demonstrates our resolve to small businesses; it also represents digital meeting points where brands and their audiences converge meaningfully.

Our Vision

We envision a future where VITAZA Digital becomes an integral part of every small business and startup’s growth strategy, smoothing the way to launch, grow, and scale with unprecedented ease. Our ambition is to be a driving force for success, providing entrepreneurs with the essential tools and insights needed to thrive in the digital marketplace efficiently. This is what we aspire to achieve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to dismantle the digital hurdles for small businesses and startups. By offering a comprehensive suite of support in sales, operations, and marketing, we aim to streamline the journey of digital entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to empowering business owners with effective strategies and innovative solutions, allowing them to concentrate on their core mission—expanding their business. This commitment guides us towards realizing our vision.


Our core Team

Christina Rosario

Founder & CEO

Daniel Hallila


kimberly cabugao

Business Development & Operations Manager


Customer Success Manager




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We inspire team members by creating a diverse culture and gratifying work environment that enables team members to leverage their passions while providing their best in service to our clients.