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Google Ads Editor recently released version 2.3, and it comes packed with new features and improvements. Most notably, the update includes file support for image assets, a card view for image assets, and an improved type list that shows rearranged asset tables under the “Asset Library” folder. Additionally, the update provides support for legacy image assets, automatically created assets, location assets, and business information assets.

This version also provides several clickable buttons to make it easier to resolve Primary Display Status (PDS) reasons, as well as opt-in or opt-out of text asset automation for Performance Max campaigns. Users can also benefit from the bid explorer, which displays several recommended bids that include projected improvements for each option. 

The update also includes location targeting for “radius around location groups” and “radius around all locations in linked feed,” as well as support for Discovery ads and campaigns with product feeds. Plus, the update provides proper pluralization in messages, and more notification types to keep users informed of their account status. On the other hand, the update has removed some features, such as the “top content bid adjustment” setting and the recommendation to create Dynamic Search Ads.

In conclusion, the version 2.3 of Google Ads Editor is much more powerful and better than ever, ready to take your campaigns to the next level! With features like Google video partners recommendation, Location targeting, and Discovery ads and campaigns with product feeds support, you’ll be able to get the most out of your campaigns and achieve incredible results. Don’t miss out on this exciting update and upgrade your campaigns today!

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