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We specialize in providing marketing services to companies who want strategic growth to achieve peak performance and outperform their competition.

Why Choose VITAZA Digital as

Your Trusted Marketing Partner?

We heighten your brand and online presence which is critical to the survival of companies today.  Whether you are launching as a new business or an existing enterprise looking to capitalize on the latest trends to drive strategic growth, we have the expertise to accelerate your vision, develop a high impact strategy and execute with success.

Our teams always lead with passion and put our clients first. Trust and superior communication is key. We always act with integrity, do what we say and hold each other accountable.

World-class service teams deliver data-driven results while always striving for continuous improvement. We embrace innovation and technology to drive efficiency and automation both internally and for our clients.

Client satisfaction and quality assurance are proactive measures we take to ensure that our customers receive the highest standards of service.


What We Offer


Down to the smallest of details, we will create and manage your entire ecosystem of branding and sales enablement.

Our team of 50 graphic designers will assist with your corporate identity project with a professional presence that will stand out from all of the competitors.

Design creatives include custom logo, business card, letterhead and envelope design. Digital creatives include email signatures, QR codes and short URLs.

We will plan, schedule, and publish content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Business Profile.

Increase your revenue by discovering new customers through Twitter lead searches and drive sales through Instagram. In-depth analytics let you know how your posts are performing so we can continue to elevate your social media strategy.

We will design sales collateral such as infographics, presentations, flyers, door hangers, sell sheets, postcards, banner graphics and more with unlimited revisions and design concepts until you are completely satisfied.

Our team of 50 design experts will personally work with you to ensure that your design work reflects your company vision and marketing goals.

Our Approach

VITAZA Digital’s Approach for Growth

Align your business strategy to business goals. Build campaigns on a foundation of customer insights. Launch smoothly, and evolve with the market.

Align – We first gain alignment on your business goals, marketing objectives and map out your customer journey.

Design – We then run an assessment on your current state, research your market and develop your campaign strategy.

Launch – We activate our project teams, set up your dashboard and build out your campaigns.

Optimize – Digital marketing is a journey, not a destination! We continue testing and improving your campaign performance on an ongoing basis.

Frequently asked questions

A digital marketing strategy is a plan of attack for your business online presence. We start our strategies with goals and KPIs, then we decide which tactics will lead us to success.

There are a number of tactics you can use:

SEO: If you want to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) or get more users on your website, then you should start with SEO.  This is a long-term strategy that will get you to the first page of Google and keep you there.

Content Marketing: If you want to build an audience through sharing valuable information, content marketing is the best way to do that. Content Marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand, so for many businesses, this will be a two-fold approach.

Paid Ads: Do you want to advertise your service or products? Paid Ads is a great way to target user searches and get your name in front of them near the top of search result pages.

Social Media Strategy: Social media allows you to give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your business, share valuable content and build relationships. If your audience is on social, you should have a strategy designed to meet them where they’re already spending time.

User Experience (UX): Concerned about why users are leaving your website? Unsure of why your form is never filled out? UX testing can help you understand user behavior and develop a plan of attack for improving your online user experience.

Research: If you want to understand what your audience thinks about certain topics or about your business, research is a great approach. Develop online surveys and then analyze the data for statistical significance.

Of course, we can help with all of this and more, so let us know if you want to learn more!

Reporting! We love reporting because it’s the best way to see the results of digital marketing efforts. Each platform has its own analytics feature, but we always verify the data with at least one other analytics platform. What do we mean by that?

Well, let’s say you’re reporting out on a Facebook ad which got 60 clicks, according to Facebook Ads Manager. Now, when you cross reference that data with pageviews on Google Analytics, you only see 40. This doesn’t mean one platform is wrong, but it does show they’re tracking different metrics and that each platform has its limitations. We like to see the data from multiple perspectives, so we combine the metrics to get a holistic understanding of the campaign. Another great tool to cross-reference social media metrics is Google Tag Manager. This tool which tracks events on a website will help you verify conversion data. Want to know more about GTM? We’ve got an entire section on GTM below.

Below is a list of the analytics tools available within each social platform.

Google Analytics provides essential, in-depth data about the people who are visiting your website, which pages are most popular, the path people take on your site, how often you’re meeting your online goals and so much more!

You can use this information to determine which content and campaigns are most effective, increase conversions and optimize your website for a better user experience.

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