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To come up with a successful marketing campaign, advertisers need to understand post-click user behavior and engagement on landing pages. This is precisely why Microsoft Advertising took it upon itself to introduce a new tool last month – Microsoft Clarity Insights!

An overview of the key benefits of this tool

−    More Powerful Data – It helps you to understand the customer journey and enhance the signals to make optimization decisions on your website and advertising campaigns.

−    Free Website Analytics – It enables you to gain a deeper understanding of user behavior, path to conversion, and engagement on the landing pages.

  • Use Sessions Recordings to replay user sessions and better understand the customer journey
  • Through Instant Heatmaps decode engagement on ad landing pages, including clicks, scrolls, and movement
  • Make the most of the powerful Analysis Dashboard to analyze engagement by campaigns, channels, and browsers

−    Seamless UET (Universal Event Tracking) Upgrade – Sign up using your existing MS Advertising credentials and your existing JavaScript UET tags will be updated on the back end.

Several companies have harnessed the power of Clarity Insights to:

           −    Increase the average time their customers spend on their blog

           −    Significantly improve their click-through rate

           −    Reveal any usability issues that they may be facing

           −    Provide insights into the average scroll depth of their blog readers

           −    Detect interesting user behavior patterns

           −    Boost their conversion rates

           −    Figure out the drop-offs and abandonments

Final takeaway

To get started with Microsoft Clarity Insights, you will have to reach out to your Microsoft account manager. However, it is important that you first ensure that your JavaScript UET tags are up to date.

Ideally, you should place the tag across your website to attain all kinds of information on user behavior. 

From November 2021, UET tag creation will be compatible with Clarity Insights by default. By midNovember, Microsoft will migrate all existing UET tags to include Clarity Insights, except websites that contain sensitive data. Once the UET tag has been updated, accessing Clarity through the MS Advertising account should be possible.

To learn more about the data collected through this tool, visit the following links:

           −    Clarity data collection – Data collected after installation

           −    Clarity cookie list – The purpose of cookies

           −    Clarity cookie consent – Customization of cookie settings

We also recommend you go see a FREE live demo before signing up for this tool! If you have any questions, we are here to assist you.

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